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Why Give Through Broward Cares?

Real Impact

Sometimes, it's hard to know where the greatest needs are - and which local organizations are best suited to create the greatest impact - long after the TV cameras are gone. 

  • Donors have peace of mind because the Broward Cares Collaborative ensures all dollars are distributed fairly and equitably to address the community’s most serious recovery and rebuilding needs.

  • Donations made through Broward Cares for storm recovery and rebuilding are pooled by the three partner organizations who jointly determine how to allocate the dollars to create the greatest impact in Broward.

A Partner You Can Trust

Broward Cares is a strategic collaboration between Broward's three largest and most trusted charitable organizations. 

  • 100% of donations go to nonprofit, government and civic organizations that lead disaster relief programs, provide recovery and rebuilding support, and more. 

  • Avoid scams by donating through Broward Cares. The three partners have solid, trusted reputations built through decades of impact in Broward. 




The Broward Cares Partners are always raising money for local organizations helping our neighbors recover from the natural disasters that impact our community.


100% of your donation will directly support efforts to help those suffering as a result of the flooding.  

Broward Cares Supports Recovery
From Historic Floods

"A community that works together to share information and expertise is able to respond smarter, with more impact and make better use of available resources.”

Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson, Ph.D. 
President and CEO,
Community Foundation of Broward

“Through this concerted effort we are able to move swiftly, achieve greater results and focus on rebuilding our Broward community.”

Kathleen Cannon
President and CEO
United Way of Broward County

The Broward Cares Partners

Learn more about Broward's three most trusted and respected charitable organizations.

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Community Foundation of Broward County: (954) 761-9503

Jewish Federation of Broward County: (954) 252-6900

United Way of Broward County: (954) 462-4850

"As the county’s oldest and strongest organizational funders, this partnership maximizes community involvement and sets an example for how Broward works together.”

Audra P. Berg
President and CEO
Jewish Federation of Broward County

Contact Broward Cares

Get in touch with Broward Cares to learn more about the initiative or to coordinate the details of a larger gift.

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